Mr. Dusk

November 30, 1999

I’m going to tell you a story now about a very sickly man. That man is all of us. This will become clear in the days to come, and you will hopefully begin to understand that all of us are all of the characters I will attempt to describe.
This man’s name is Dusk. Mr. Dusk. And he was given this name, I am told, by the man who broke his humanity. You see, this second man, Dr. Richard Shalako, was dangerously held in the everlasting pains of touchless love. He believed he could better the world by hurting people. We won’t speak more of him now but, needless to say, it was no difficult thing for him to destroy the delicate bodies and minds of people like our Mr. Dusk.
And why was he called Dusk? Because dusk was just the same as dawn for him. Because Shalako stole his sleep from him, forever. No sleep. No dreaming. No hope. He became a walking tragedy, stumbling and lost, restless.
But time is also power and, after the months of speechless panic, Mr. Dusk began to see with a new clarity. If anyone could save him, it was surely he himself. And so began his journey…

MUCH MUCH MORE TO COME! But I’m tired now…


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