Dreams And How They Grow

August 4, 2011

Just pictures of dreams

and the world’s a machine

wrapped and titled obscene

but we look anyways

The ending unclear

but we keep ourselves here

holding on to what’s dear

as the world drowns away

Saw the love of my life

In my dream, as my wife

stole my heart with a knife

left me bleeding alone

Woke to skies wrapped in breeze

Blue as ice, but no freeze

burning down in degrees

from without and within


One Response to “Dreams And How They Grow”

  1. LED Says:

    Our hearts are attached by a string to the one thing that is everything.
    Sometimes they pull too hard and you break.
    Sometimes they just get tired and you break.

    Sometimes you don’t know where that string actually leads, and foolishly follow it to somewhere else.
    Somewhere else that is still beautiful and honest,

    Like two people on a hill looking at a fallen star.

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