To whom it may concern…

November 8, 2011

I want you to never give up on me. No matter how hurtful or selfish I become. I want you to stay, no matter how unbearable I am to you. I want you to love me. No matter how much I disgust you. No matter how much I burden you or disappoint or embarrass you.

And when I ask you if you can do that for me, I want you to say ‘no’. But only because it’s clear to you I will never be those things and, if I was those things, it would mean I had become someone you didn’t know. Someone unworthy of your time.

I want you to let me care for you. Let me strengthen all your weakened walls. Let me build a citadel to hide away the light of your exquisite individuality. And then I want you to tear it down, to remind me that I need you just as much as you need me.

I want you to drown me in the waters of our love. Smother me in you. And when I am overwhelmed and weary, I want you to breathe life into me. I will return the favor, the life-debt. I will praise you as my treasure and keep you like a secret.

I promise you these things.

Please don’t go…


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