February 25, 2012

Do you ever feel sleep like fetters on your eyes?  The daylight hours spent in concentration just to stay alive… And then the shadows come and all the monsters fill your walls. They howl and writhe and whisper promises and lies.

Have you ever tasted sleep like dust and butter on your tongue? Difficult to swallow, contemplating how to fall… And then the darkness rises and your calm becomes a joke. And your head is filled with days when you were young.

Look what you’ve become…


the heart is the greatest discovery. The flesh is the greatest divide. And time is a muscle that flexes it’s power to prove it is greater than each one of us. But could we stand together against time?

The heart is stardust, the lines of light that glimmer on the ocean. The flesh is a waning moon. And hope is the hero of all, the greatest achiever. Hope is the easiest forgotten when the world changes shape.

It is long since dusk, and the lights have gone out. We pretend to sleep. We pace the worn floors of our mistakes, running through our daylight hours again and again in our mind.

“How could I have let her go?”

“Why would she leave?”

And there are always questions and there are always answers to them. But the distance between is often larger than the stride of the heart, and we grow weary in the search. Weary, but sleepless. Restless, we watch the night move. Hear the night noises and know the night was designed for our questioning hearts. We are shadows.

And heart and flesh and time and hope are all that are constant in the motion of our lives.


February 5, 2012

And when I grow, I will grow slowly. And the sky will be the sweetest shade of blue and the world will whistle with the grace and jubilation of it’s endless cycling spin. And all the shapes will shimmer as my eyes first flutter and jump, drunk with light.

And when I grow, it will be always. Like sunshine. Like water. My great and glorious visage will entangle all the world and I will swallow up the sorrows of this long-forgotten land. I will bring proof of something new and something worthwhile. And all the world will love me as it’s own.

And when I grow, all of you will tremble. With joy or hope or terror. It matters not. I will still grow and never stop until this place is only me. And then I will rearrange the meaning of where I am, as where I am will then be only just me. And I will find a bigger world, somehow, beyond what I have swallowed, and I will trample it til it is only me.

So be it.