February 5, 2012

And when I grow, I will grow slowly. And the sky will be the sweetest shade of blue and the world will whistle with the grace and jubilation of it’s endless cycling spin. And all the shapes will shimmer as my eyes first flutter and jump, drunk with light.

And when I grow, it will be always. Like sunshine. Like water. My great and glorious visage will entangle all the world and I will swallow up the sorrows of this long-forgotten land. I will bring proof of something new and something worthwhile. And all the world will love me as it’s own.

And when I grow, all of you will tremble. With joy or hope or terror. It matters not. I will still grow and never stop until this place is only me. And then I will rearrange the meaning of where I am, as where I am will then be only just me. And I will find a bigger world, somehow, beyond what I have swallowed, and I will trample it til it is only me.

So be it.


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