Sorry, But Too Late

March 29, 2012

This swollen sky collapses from the weight of all the layers. We have caked our land in filth and guilt and fear. Fear of mirrors but also fear of seeing anything other than ourselves. Our citadels have broken. All the time spent growing them to match our own growth, only to see them sacrificed. Our holy cities are in ashes and we have forsaken everything to feel awake for just a moment and in that moment we are told of everything we’ve lost.

We breed sin and careless culture, heedless of the way our children mock us. We are lost and cold and hopeless, kept alive only for the hunger of addiction. And we are never filled.

I don’t know the answer to any question. All I know is I keep falling down and breaking into pieces of myself. And I never seem to have the piece I want… No wonder I’m alone.

I’m sorry.


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