I Catalogue The Night

August 27, 2012

I catalogue the night. I am on every street. I see the city in it’s layers, shadows amidst darkness, distant lights swallowing the sky. I am in every neighborhood. I am just beyond your windows, not a voyeur or a messenger. Not a watcher. I am there to understand and to guarantee that the machine continues running. That the blood continues moving. That the air maintains it’s cycle.
    In and out. This city breathes but you can’t hear it, can you? Running in your circles, but you don’t know what you are. You are singularly unimportant. You are universally divine. And yet you do not know. How could you? You cannot see this city as I can. You cannot know these streets or walk these sunken corridors. I am always. I am focused. I am powerful and yet I am fragility itself. I am alive in dusk and mirrors. I am whole in the movement of crowds, the tension in distances, the absence of silence.
    I catalogue the night. But you will never know.


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