I Disappear

October 16, 2012

I think there’s something wrong…

What do you mean?

…something wrong with us. Don’t you feel it?

No. …yes. What is it?

I feel small. Used. A very delicate piece of a larger machine.

You mean the work we do? I’m starting to wonder what it is we’re really doing. Who we’re working for… I saw something. I haven’t been the same.

Yes. I saw you that night. I saw them chase you into darkness. You shouldn’t have asked for me. Now they’re watching both of us.

Who are they?

I think they call them Supervisors. I think they’re here because of what we’ve seen. Every time I try to understand something… happens.


I disappear.


I don’t know. I just… fade. I go out. Listen. This is what we’re not supposed to know: The City-it’s a piece of something bigger. It’s like fire to them. Like gears.

And what are we?

We are the steam. The smoke. We’re only ghosts.

(She begins to waver)

I don’t think I’m going to make it out of here.

What do you mean?

They’re here. They’re listening!

We need to tell somebody. We need to let them know. This isn’t right.

You need to run. Get out of… (And she is gone. He sits alone in the dark room for several long seconds, breathing deeply, staring at the space that used to hold her. Then he stands up, turns his back to us, and walks into the night.)


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