Silly Little Poem…

November 8, 2012

Sometimes I fall to pieces. Sometimes I fall for you. But when I’ve hit the ground again, I know it’s nothing new.

The shadows in my pictures. The whispers in my walls. The whole long year is only here for every leaf that Autumn falls.

And seeing you from distance is like watching oceans sway, with each new swell a sacrifice that carries all your hope away.

But seeing you so closely is like watching starry skies. Counting fallen stars is easier than looking in your eyes.

We break like brittle battlements beneath the weight of time. Our love was much too desperate, too delicate to be sublime.

And yet we both have faltered now that we are both alone. I’d like to say, with all we’ve lost, that somehow we have grown.

But I am just a wasted chance, and wasted years for you. If I could make me disappear, I promise you that’s what I’d do.