Lost In The Spectrum

March 1, 2013

Lost in the spectrum, like syncopated synapses, foreshortened and hastened to never reach consequence. The subconscious elements whelm but not overwhelm, bubbling recklessly against my better judgment, wearing the whisper-thin walls down around me. My confidence bothered, my eloquence sordid. Digested like so much paper-wrapped meat.

And the heart will continue to beat, but the mind will not listen, lost in the spectrum. The arrogant noise, colors in kaleidoscope, reeling and wheeling to keep the mind focused on the patterns of change. Patterns of anger and patterns of posturing, screaming at the sky for another star to fall. This ugly human mind. So fallen… so tasteless, still picking the paper from my teeth.

Where will I go? The lights here are blinding. Where will I stop? I am lost in the spectrum of humming cacophony, the whisper-thin walls painted white but the water’s still threatening falling right through. The tragedy here, in the spin without motion, the subconscious ocean of wants without need, is not error or romance. The tragedy here, as my head eats my heart, is that love is not love as I knew it would be.

I have seen lights as would blind you, and gladly, and I can remember those innocent days. But I have seen shadows that swallow that brightness and I am lost in the spectrum between brilliance and shade. Is there more light to be seen as I fade?


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